The company is headed by Virginijus Juozaitis, an architect with more than 20-year experience in design works. The architecture, declared by him, is oriented to state-of-the-art technologies, does not avoid fashionable elements that might have high value for years. The integrity of creative style, rational forms and a focus on function-reflecting elements distinguish the works of this architect from the others.

The main working principles of JAS–high professionalism, supreme quality and strict keeping to performance terms–allow it to prepare projects for large and the most sophisticated objects. The company has gained extensive experience in designing hotels, shopping centres, administrative and industrial buildings, which opens an opportunity for it to extend its activities not only in Lithuania but in foreign countries too.

Within its existence, JAS designed over 130 objects of different designations, which boast unique interiors and original solutions of urban planning. Supplementing its list of works with new objects, the company remains a reliable, creative and mature partner of design services for its clients.